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Large Bianc Fleur Choker (White)

Large Bianc Fleur Choker (White)

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Large White Fleur Choker / Necklace / Body Jewlery, White Cord Finished With Flowers

Handmade Glass Pendant Choker or Body Jewlery.

Each item is handmade from the pendant to the necklace.

Made with a 100% cotton cord that is biodegradable.

Each Pendant and Necklace may slight vary in size and color.

The  pendant is approximately 40-48 mm. 

PS We love these as body jewlery such as a waistband or belt. 

Fragile as it’s made from glass! 


To secure the necklace, tie a bow to hold in place at the desired length. There are no clasps attached allowing you to wrap the necklace multiple times to your preference.

Do not wash, avoid getting wet and items shall not be placed in close contact with chemicals.

Message us if you have any other questions.

All Pendants Are Lead-Free, Nickel-Free/Nickel Safe


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